Scouting Tips For Photo Locations

Posted by admin on January 2, 2020 in photo locations simi valley ca

The world of photography is a large one that has a lot of different options that anyone with a camera can get into.  First of all, you can shoot on location.  When shooting on location you will want to locate photo locations simi valley ca that will give you an amazing backdrop.  These locations can be anything that sets a mood for the type of photos you want to take.

Focal points

A focal point is the main subject that you would like to have in the photo or will be accented as the main part of the backdrop.  When working with focal points you can play with lighting, composition and more.  With each different focal point and the way that you frame it will change the overall look and feeling of your photos.


Lighting will set the mood for your photos.  When working with lighting you can also play with shadows.  A way to get a good photo is to change the direction of your lighting.  If the lighting comes from the back of your subject it will give a different feel compared to how it would look coming from below the subject or from straight ahead.


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Look for different color pallets for your photos.  When we work with color, we can change the warmth and coolness of the photos.  Colors like reds, blues, yellows and oranges can really change the moods of a photo. 

Depth of field

What really makes a photo a photo is the depth of field.  When you look at a photo and see that one area is blurred out compared to another area of the photo this is depth of field.  When you can play with this and all of the other aspects that we talked about you can really create a killer photo that you can be proud of.