Paintings From Undiscovered Talents Will Accrue In Value

Posted by admin on January 2, 2020 in charles bibbs paintings

charles bibbs paintings

The most famous painters of them all have long since departed. Memories of their centuries’ old masterpieces will always be preserved in some of the most famous art galleries of them all. Think anything from the Tate Museum of Modern Art to the Louvre and you get the painting. Here is where you are going to see the work of Da Vinci, Van Gogh and Turner. All you can do is look at them. Because you are never likely going to be able to afford any one of them. Not that anyone is selling.

And yet there are those. Treasure troves of artworks that have just got to go. But not until it reaches the checkbook of the highest bidder. He sees it as a prestigious work of art. For the reclusive billionaire who no one has heard of, he is not interested in the status attached to the acquisition of such fine arts. But true to form and habit, he does want to see his investments accrue in value. He will act like a miser for years to come before he lets any of his paintings go. Sad to see, however, how so much commercial value has been placed on the fine arts.

And yet it might still be important. The round number figure of the collection of paintings may not be the thing that art critics look at. They will perhaps be looking to see just how deep the heritage value, for instance, goes in the relatively obscure collection of charles bibbs paintings on exhibit. Not so well known now perhaps, but just you wait and see. After a few more years, see how the art work accrues in value. Perhaps the use of currency is the only way to measure inherent value. Or perhaps not.