How Pest Control Visits Work

Posted by admin on August 28, 2020 in residential tick control indianapolis

When you begin to notice more creepy crawlers and pests in your home, it may be time to contact an extermination company. These experts are trained in handling a myriad of pest issues and can ensure that your home is not overrun by rats, cockroaches, spiders, ticks, and other unwanted guests. Preventing problems is typically the key to avoiding pests, but sometimes they can’t be avoided and must be dealt with.

If you’re looking for residential tick control indianapolis professionals can provide you with premiere services. You can also call them to handle other pests, such as mosquitoes, and get your home back to its previous condition. First, however, let’s go over what to expect at your first pest control visit.


Your pest control expert will arrive on time and introduce themselves upon arrival. During this time, they will give you some basic information and you can ask any questions that you may have prepared for them. Once this is done, you can sit back and let them do their job.

Inspection of Entry Point

The entry points of a home are the first to be inspected by pest control specialists, so they will be looking at access areas. Windows, attics, crawlspaces, doors, and pipes are all places that can be entered by rodents as well as other pests. The professional will explore these areas and look for how pests are entering the home.

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Review and Report

After looking around the property a bit more, inspecting the yard, and checking for moisture in and around the home, you will get a report of their findings. With this information, you will be able to make a decision in the services you get. They will go over everything to make sure you understand and give you information on treating the problem.

An exterminator visit isn’t complicated or scary, so get in touch with a professional as soon as you believe you have a pest problem.