Everything You Need To Know Before Tennis Camp

Posted by admin on January 9, 2020 in best tennis camp for juniors

Remember that one time … at tennis camp? Well before you can start making all the memories at tennis camp, be sure that you’re well equipped with some of the basic know-how.

Tennis is a little more than just hoping you strike that little ball with your racquet. There are actually basic terms and techniques that any beginner should know.

The serve

A serve is as simple as it could be, or is it? The serve in tennis is everything. It might seem as simple as throwing the ball up in the air, letting it drop on the court, then hitting it across the net with force, but first time players will likely need a little more practice than that. Fortunately the best tennis camp for juniors can help teach you everything you need to know about the serve.

The volley

One of the most interesting parts of tennis, is in fact one of the easiest to learn. The volley simply means standing with feet apart, in a relaxed stance, being able to “block” the ball and send it back over. It requires no backswing or other techniques, just the repetition of blocking the ball as your competitor does as well.

The backhand

The backhand is similar to the forehand and yet more people have trouble with it. This is likely because it is shot from the left side, which is unfamiliar for many people. Backhands should be shot from the middle of the tennis racquet, but with a little practice at camp, you’re sure to master it.

The lob

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This move can be completed in several different ways, but always means the same thing. You can complete the lob through a backhand, forehand, or even just a volley, but no matter which way you do it, it is always a high arching shot with extra hang time.

Try these terms on for size and you’re bound to impress on your first day at camp.